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If you finished developing your plugin, you can submit it to the StreamController store by following these steps:

1. Test your plugin

Test your plugin for any issues. Also read the Page Caching section and check if your plugin works correctly if the user changes pages.

2. Verify requirements

Verify that all front-end/normal requirements of your plugin are found in requirements.txt.

3. Add your plugin to GitHub

In order to submit you plugin you have to publish your local repository to GitHub. If you have never used GitHub before, you can follow this tutorial.

4. Fork the Store

Fork the Store repository into your own account.

5. Add your plugin to Plugins.json

Add an entry in Plugins.json:

    "url": "",
    "commits": {
        "1.1.1-alpha": "your-commit-hash"


Make sure to use the app version you used to develop and test your plugin.
App versions are in the format breaking.feature.fix.
StreamController will use the latest commit of your plugin with matching breaking version.

6. Open a pull request

Open a pull request to the Store repository.
Creating a pull request

7. Wait for approval

Wait for your pull request to be approved. This usually takes a couple of hours.