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What is StreamController?

StreamController is the Linux alternative to the Windows/Mac Elgato Stream Deck Software.

Do plugins for the Elgato Software work in StreamController?

Plugins for the official Elgato Stream Deck software do not work in StreamController, and we are not developing this feature at the moment. However, this may come in the future.

What does "official" stand for in the plugins?

The official badge indicates an asset was created by the maintainer and lead dev, Core447.


Currently, the following devices are supported:

  • Stream Deck Original
  • Stream Deck Original V2
  • Stream Deck Mini
  • Stream Deck XL
  • Stream Deck Plus


I have a problem with the software, what do I do?

For software-related issues, you can either create an issue on Github or use the assigned Issues channel on Discord.

Plugin X doesn't work/has a problem

For plugin-related issues, you can either create an issue for the plugin on the plugin's Github or use the assigned Issues channel on Discord.

Getting Help

You can open a discussion on Github or on the Discord.

Reporting Bugs

You can open an issue on Github or on Discord.

How can I create my own plugin?

Firstly, check if the plugin you want to create doesn't exist or is not being developed. If something already exists, you may be able to work with the developer of that plugin to make it better. If it doesn't exist, the Plugin Template and the Wiki are a great place to start.