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Add Requirements

At some point the libraries used by StreamController will not suffice for more complex plugins and actions. You'll need to add your own dependencies. This can be done by adding a requirements.txt file to root directory of your plugin.


This method is only meant to be used for small libraries that are needed in the frontend and do not interfere with the ones of the StreamController.
If you need to use larger libraries, you will need to create a backend for your plugin or action. See Add a backend action to learn more.

Requirements with backends

If you use a backend (see Add A Backend Action) you're able to create a own environment for it.

This is done by adding a script to the root of your plugin. This will be run when the plugin is installed from the store.
from streamcontroller_plugin_tools.installation_helpers import create_venv
from os.path import join, abspath, dirname

toplevel = dirname(abspath(__file__))
create_venv(join(toplevel, "backend", ".venv"), join(toplevel, "backend", "requirements.txt"))
The shown file will create a new backend/.venv folder and install all requirements from backend/requirements.txt