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The Adw.SpinRow added in Add Config Rows has an English title and subtitle. This is fine for English users, but for other languages the title and subtitle are not localized. This is why plugins should use StreamControllers LocaleManager.

LocaleManager chooses the right localized string based on the language the user is using.

The LocaleManager of your plugin can be reached with self.locale_manager in the PluginBase and with self.plugin_base.locale_manager in your Actions.


Each plugin must be available in English.

1. How to localize

  • Locals are placed in the locales subfolder of your plugin (you might have to create it if it doesn't exist) and in the format of json files.
  • The json cannot contain keys containing a new dictionary.
    This is valid:
        "": "Name"
    This isn't:
        "plugin": {
            "name": "Name"
  • The values can be retrieved with self.locale_manager.get("key")

2. Localize the plugin

In this example we will localize the counter action in this state.

2.1 Localize the PluginBase

Add a language file

Create a new locales subfolder in your plugin by typing:

mkdir locales
Add a new en_US.json file to the locales subfolder by typing:
touch locales/en_US.json
Add the needed language keys:
    "": "Template",
    "": "Simple Action",
    "": "Counter",

Use the language file
# Import StreamController modules
from src.backend.PluginManager.PluginBase import PluginBase
from src.backend.PluginManager.ActionHolder import ActionHolder

# Import actions
from .actions.SimpleAction.SimpleAction import SimpleAction
from .actions.counter.counter import Counter

class PluginTemplate(PluginBase):
    def __init__(self):

        self.lm = self.locale_manager #(1)!

        ## Register actions
        self.simple_action_holder = ActionHolder(
            plugin_base = self,
            action_base = SimpleAction,
            action_id = "dev_core447_Template::SimpleAction", # Change this to your own plugin id
            action_name = self.lm.get("")

        self.counter_action_holder = ActionHolder(
            plugin_base = self,
            action_base = Counter,
            action_id = "dev_core447_Template::Counter", # Change this to your own plugin id
            action_name = self.lm.get("")

        # Register plugin
            plugin_name = self.lm.get(""),
            github_repo = "",
            plugin_version = "1.0.0",
            app_version = "1.1.1-alpha"
  1. Make the LocaleManager available under a shorter name


Do not localize the action_ids. This will result in disabled action if the user switches to another language.
Only localize visible strings.

2.2 Localize the counter

Extend en_US.json by the following keys:

    "actions.counter.spinner.title": "Increment by",
    "actions.counter.spinner.subtitle": "How much to increment the counter by"
Now we have to modify in order to use the new keys:
# Import StreamController modules
from src.backend.PluginManager.ActionBase import ActionBase
from src.backend.DeckManagement.DeckController import DeckController
from src.backend.PageManagement.Page import Page
from src.backend.PluginManager.PluginBase import PluginBase

# Import gtk
import gi
gi.require_version("Gtk", "4.0")
gi.require_version("Adw", "1")
from gi.repository import Gtk, Adw

class Counter(ActionBase):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        self.counter: int = 0

    def on_ready(self):

    def on_key_down(self):
        settings = self.get_settings()
        self.counter += settings.get("increment_by", 1)

    def get_config_rows(self) -> list:
        self.spinner = Adw.SpinRow.new_with_range(1, 100, 1)


        self.spinner.connect("changed", self.on_spinner_value_changed)

        return [self.spinner]

    def load_config_values(self):
        settings = self.get_settings()
        self.spinner.set_value(settings.get("increment_by", 1))

    def on_spinner_value_changed(self, spinner):
        settings = self.get_settings()
        settings["increment_by"] = int(spinner.get_value())