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  1. Clone StreamController from GitHub by typing:
    git clone
  2. Enter the StreamController directory:
    cd StreamController
  3. Create a virtual environment:
    python -m venv .venv
  4. Activate the virtual environment:
    source .venv/bin/activate
  5. Install pip requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt


    On Arch Linux (and possibly other distros) you may need to install the following system packages using the distribution specific package manager:

    xdg-desktop-portal xdg-desktop-portal-gtk libportal libportal-gtk4

  6. Optional: Switch branches

    If you want to try out a specific branch, you can change the branch using:

    git checkout <branch>

  7. Launch the app:



If you encounter any problems, please go through Common Problems. You can also open an issue on the StreamController GitHub repository or on the Discord.